Saturday, July 28, 2012

SOG Trident

Fishermen and sportsmen in general tend to be blade-intensive personalities.  I am no different and over the years have accumulated roughly the bulk of an adolescent pachyderm in knives.

One of my favorites for all around use is the SOG Trident, which is available in a variety of finishes.  The tiger stripe version is particularly badass.

SOG Trident Tiger Stripe

Not only is this model a great size for EDC (every day carry), but it's perfect as a fishing, camping, or hunting implement.  I also really like keeping a Trident in each of my vehicles because it's an outstanding emergency tool.  The notched handle creates an ideal seat belt cutter, and the butt where the pocket clip attaches is robust enough to use for breaking glass if needed.

The handle is Zytel, which is a light weight polymer that affords an easy grip wet or dry.  Partial serration of the blade again adds to the versatility.  SOG has also incorporated an assisted opening mechanism making one-handed access to the blade very snappy.  A safety is present as a precautionary measure, locking the blade in the closed position when not in use.

SOG Trident Tiger Stripe - Vert

Going price: About $59 bucks - a nice bargain for an edge with this many applications.