Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hear no Eagle, See no Eagle

I've long admired the photography of Jason Morrison, and today I got to meet him while observing a billowing throng of adolescent humanity break upon us like surf. Thanks for the company and good times Jay! Don't miss Jay's stuff at jaymorrphotography or his blog:

The humanoid density of the eagle-bearing wetlands swelled today and probably exceeded the population of Turkmenistan by 2PM.

Morrison is apparently a powerful weasel attractant, because no sooner did we arrive on scene than this one charged the Cummins:

The location of the birds didn't make for ideal lighting conditions in the morning, but patience paid off and we had a few close encounters.

It is crazy to see birds this size jump off the ice and snatch carp out of the open water after just a few flaps of their powerful wings.

Often disagreements involving the ownership of the sushi break out and we got treated to several intense fish fights.

The control that eagles exhibit in the air is remarkable. This bird banked hard as it approached open water, and eventually began dragging its wingtip and tracing a contact line across the water's surface.

We had a great time out in the marsh. It was a gorgeous day with blue sky and very pleasant temperatures. We missed some nice opportunities but came away with some nice captures too. I'm excited to get back out and do it again.

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