Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wings Up

Lately the rains have been hitting Utah with sufficient enthusiasm to cause several of my neighbors to begin gathering up two of every animal. The moisture has been causing some hatches in unusual places, so I decided to dust off the macro lens and grab a few shots of mayflies and damsels.

Buggy shots are a good time. If you want to take advantage of a hatch near you, set your camera's aperture to f/22, use fill flash, and go to town.


  1. Brett, nice macros! With it at f22, even witht he fill flash, did you need to use a tripod?

    2 of every kind is right. I'm about sick of rain. If only we could take a rain check and get it in late July and August.

  2. Thanks Scott. You don't need a tripod if you use a good flash. I like to set my shutter speed to match my flash sync speed of 1/250 if I can, which seems to cancel out ambient light pretty well. Sometimes I use a flash extender cord, and hold the flash in my left hand so I can position it closer to the subject and get stronger lighting. Of course, you can use a tripod if you're able to position it without disturbing the bugs!