Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cover Shots

The cover shot of a major publication has long been considered one of the crowning achievements in commercial photography. Recently a group of photographers that participate in the Itinerant Angler Online Forum had the chance to receive feedback from Phil Monahan (long-time editor of American Angler magazine and a past editor at Outdoor Life) about how these types of photographs are selected.

Phil shared a wealth of information about the characteristics of successful cover images, many of which are not readily apparent.

The session with Phil has been made available as a podcast/MP3. The audio portion is accompanied by an online slideshow demonstrating the various unique considerations of cover work. One of my images is contained in the presentation, and I learned a lot from Phil's insight.

Check out the ITINERANT ANGLER PODCAST for links to the audio/visual materials in the Cover Shot Extravaganza section.

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