Friday, April 22, 2011

Blog Rollin'

As I find new blogs that are worth following, I add them inconspicuously to my "bloggification" section for easy access. I thought I'd take a few minutes to highlight 3 sites that have yet to block me from making infantile comments:
If you haven't checked out Kirk Werner's digs, make sure to start with his world famous Dirty Harry & Flyfishing post complete with movie posters of upcoming Clint Eastwood features.

Rebecca Garlock, AKA "The Outdooress" became an international woman of mystery by facing down a field mouse within the confines of a sleeping bag in the pitch blackness of night. Check out her post Of Mice and Mummy Bags if you haven't known the thrill of battling a perverted rodent armed only with a thong.

Last but not least is the new blog of Jim Browning, titled Two Guys, Wet Waders, and Flies. Jim is a class act and I have been enjoying the photography that both he and Kevin Browning share on the site. Click on the image below to visit - these guys are showing a lot of promise behind the lens.


  1. Brett ~ Thank you for our new blog shout out! Your work inspires us to be better behind the lens, we will strive to make you proud. Tomorrow Kevin and I rock a short day in the river ... Hoping for good light, colorful bows and beautiful cutthroats, to capture on the glass.


  2. A little late to this party, but thanks for the plug (FYI, you've since been banned from commenting).

  3. Kirk: I keep expecting to find one of my comments in a feature about spammers on your Facebook page. I guess I just have to come up with something clever enough to make the grade.