Thursday, September 26, 2013

Of Tigers and Brookies

I figured it was about time to display some fish porn around here.

The more I visit central Utah, the more it feels like I should spend more time there.  Something about the crustacean-rich waters of the region invariably produces fish with incredible markings and coloration.

Tiger Trout Toned

My brother and I enjoyed a great trip down South earlier in the year.  Trips of years past have been marked by various unusual happenings such as close quarters combat with a fully-primed skunk in the confines of a wall tent .  This season, however, the only noteworthy events involved catching and releasing obscene numbers of beautiful trout.

A Brookie in the Hand...

A few of the desert stillwaters I fish offer vistas about as attractive as Conan O'Brien wearing a pair of jeggings.  Not so in the alpine country of the Beehive State.

Cody - Casting at 10,000 Feet

The full-size version of the above image shows more detail than my blog format allows.  You can click HERE for the larger size.

Cody Touches Fins

Here Cody shows a very typical fish for the area with rich colors and jewel-like markings.

Tiger trout are increasingly common in Utah's waters, but just like other species they seem to manifest more extreme patterns and buttery yellows than in other locations.

Dripping Tiger

All of these images and a few more can be seen in higher resolution in my HIGH COUNTRY FLICKR SET.  Trips with Cody are invariably entertaining in and of themselves, but it was great to touch some colorful fins, take in some thin air, and visit a few new lakes.

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