Thursday, March 19, 2015

Edges Part II - Benchmade Nimravus

Next up on my list of current favorites is the BenchmadeNimravus 140BK, which is a mid-sized knife that comes with a versatile nylon sheath. I really like the blade design as an all-around camp knife, because it's thin and very light with a drop point that makes it excellent for slicing and puncturing.

When you pick up the Nimravus, it's much lighter than you would expect for its size. The blade length is 4.5" and overall the knife is 9.45" long, yet it only weighs about 6 oz. The unique aluminum handle scales contribute to this effect, and I like the handle although it can tend to feel cold during frigid temperatures with bare hands. There is a heavy choil and handle carve-out for the index finger along with very aggressive jimping along the back of the blade which combine to provide a lot of control.

As a slicing design the blade makes short work of food preparation, cord/rope cutting, creating wood shavings for kindling, fish cleaning, and so forth. The blade is thin enough that it works for filleting and it's also a great steak knife. It's not a heavy-duty chopper so you won't want to take it out and use it to baton or hack off tree limbs. Those types of tasks clearly necessitate ANOTHER KNIFE OR KNIVES which we will get to in subsequent posts.

Benchmade Nimravus Blog Size

When I want a jack-of-all-trades camp knife that can easily be attached to a belt or pack without adding noticeable weight, the Nimravus is my go-to.

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