Monday, April 13, 2009

Hitting the Brine

The signs pointed to some excellent sky conditions tonight so I tossed the wide angle in the pack and drove West until things started to smell like billions of years of decomposing brine shrimp.

Great Salt Lake sunsets during impending weather changes rarely disappoint, and tonight was no exception.

I didn't have too much time to sort through the evening's shots, but it was well worth huffing the primordial ooze. Watch for Jay's Full Frame Goodness on his photo blog too.


  1. Brett,

    Looks like you're getting into the HDR/tone mapping thing too. I just put a few pix on my site yesterday too. Are you using some special software, or are you "hand producing" them?

    -scott c

  2. Where can I get the full-size images of some of your pics? They would make AWESOME wallpaper for my PC. GREAT PICS!

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