Thursday, April 9, 2009

Once Upon a Time

In the fairy tale, anything King Midas touches turns to gold. Of course, it’s a fictional account and everyone knows that Dionysus’ gift of the magic touch is nothing more than fantasy.

Likewise do fishermen drift away into the far reaches of the mind imagining that it is possible to find sun and blue sky when nearby temperatures dip to -6° Fahrenheit.

Equally ridiculous is the possibility of finding gold attached to the end of your line. It’s just a story.

Men do not wade in liquid ice near shores with fresh fallen snow, casting crystal clear fly lines to mythical fish. Such a thing would only be the product of an overactive imagination.

Thanks for the snap Jay - for more about the trip that never happened check out Fly Fisherman Forum.

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  1. Your thoughts on a mystical trip are eloquent and spoken like a true poet.

    Awesome blog and fantastic photos!