Monday, August 29, 2011

Brika Does National Geographic

National Geographic's Your Shot page has long been a favorite of mine. Images are submitted from all over the world for consideration, and the senior editorial staff selects 12 photographs on a daily basis to display.

The images that are chosen never cease to be remarkable in some way. Rare moments, human emotion, nature, world events, and artistic creativity are among the elements that can often be seen side-by-side in the Daily Dozen. Unique is probably the best way to describe the shots in this feature.

It's fun to see some fly fishing subject matter in the mix today. Brika, the sweetheart pup of WorldCast guide Casey Birkholz, is posing on a wooden dory in today's picks.

I've been asked if this image was done using HDR software, and the answer is no. I achieved the effect using a neutral density filter, an off-camera strobe diffused through an umbrella, and some light burning of the clouds in CS5.

Brika Goes National Geographic

Brika Wins a Nat Geo Daily Dozen

Nikon D300
Tokina 12-24mm AT-X Pro
Nikon SB600, off-camera, diffused through a 32" umbrella & triggered w/ radio slave
Tiffen HT 2-stop ND Grad


  1. Nice! Beautiful photo...and congrats -- well deserved!

  2. @Mike: Thanks man. I have really been enjoying your pics from up North - it looks like the life agrees with you. Beautiful stuff.

    @ArkanSpey & EMB - the comments are much appreciated. It's an honor and a lot of fun to see this shot in the Daily Dozen. Brika is a great boat dog and it's cool to see her on up on stage.

  3. Beautiful shot all-around! Dog, setting, and even boat! What make/model is that?

  4. @Bryan - Mucho thank you. That's a customized McKenzie 16-footer.