Friday, February 17, 2012

Apocalyptic Fishing

As Fly to Water has alertly reported in several recent posts, the Mayan calendar ends this year.  The most likely cause of this situation is that the company building the calendar misrepresented it's financial statements, resulting in dramatic stock price deterioration and subsequent layoffs.  All of the Mayan executives, or chiefs, retired to the Caymans.  Calendar-building laborers were then faced with a large spike in temple foreclosures and ultimately relocated, leaving all the post-2012 work unfinished.

Alternatively, some kind of zombie apocalypse is going to take place this December.  The dead rising from the grave, human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together...MASS HYSTERIA.

While the media has buried its teeth in this topic like a gila monster on ankle flesh, the most important consideration has been totally ignored: How are we going to fly fish when the end of days arrives?

As a public service, I hereby offer up a series of posts containing gear ideas and recommendations for apocalyptic fishing.

Apocalyptic Fishing - 5.56 Nato Edition

First and foremost - at the moment of truth you don't want the heartbreak of reaching for your ammo and pulling out your flies instead.  My world's first concept combines a waterproof fly box with 5.56 Nato assault rifle ammunition.  One swift grab into the sling pack, and you've got access to Copper Johns and copper-jacketed .223 hardball.

Get some!


  1. Thats coming to the water prepared. If the fish aren't biting then you can un-sling your rifle and you cap a beaver for lunch or a slobbering Zombie as he wades in to munch your brain. Nice!

    1. Agreed man. The last thing you want with all the stress of the world coming to an end is some zombie trying to low-hole you out on the river, or dragging a foot through a redd.

  2. Brett - I have, at certain times, been in need of someone with your specific talents. Fishing on my favorite WNY tributaries can be great, but I have often felt the pressure of other anglers trying to squeeze into my spot. Having another fly angler accompany me on stream in search of lake run giants, who is also armed to the teeth, may be the answer!!!!!

  3. Brian - Thanks for dropping in. I saw that slab of a hen you posted recently and can't believe some of the fish you guys get into.

    "Fish with me and get my protection." Hope you're wetting a line this weekend.