Thursday, February 7, 2013

Not Easy Being a Vole

There is something in a man that doesn't love a vole.  Kestrels, on the other hand, eat them like jalepeño poppers.

I have seen quite a few successful predations involving these little members of the falcon family, but never one that was initiated from level ground.  The vole emerged from some vegetation about 6 feet away from the seemingly resting bird.  It was a little astonishing to see the kestrel take a few quick strides, leap into the air, and use one quick flap of its wings to extend the jump and land directly on target.

99 problems and vole ain't one of 'em.

Kestrel Predation on Vole

Image Details:
Nikon D4
Nikon TC17EII
Nikon 400mm f/2.8 @ f/4.8, 1/1000, ISO 220


  1. That is a great shot! Love the burl wood set up.

  2. Thanks David! These things are a holy terror if you're of the order rodentia. I've always loved the markings and coloration of kestrels.

  3. Amazing. Seriously man, how do you get these shots?? Also +1 for the camera/lens (Image details). Very nice indeed :)

  4. @Jason: I appreciate it man. Nikon will tell you that all you need for shots like this are the latest camera and a longer lens! BOOM. It's really about spending time in birdy places and generally being a sneaky bastard. Distance is everything (about 14 paces here). Not everyone is willing to freeze one, and possibly both cojones off for a bird photo.