Monday, March 9, 2009

Ice, Ice Baby

The Byrds’ song Turn Turn Turn indicates that to everything there is a season.

A time to cast…A time to retrieve…
A time for runs…A time to reel…
A time to catch…A time to release…
And a time to every game fish under Heaven.

In Utah the “changing of the seasons” is something that happens from one minute to the next. Early last week temperatures were in the 60s, which gave way to sustained winds of 60-80 MPH mid-week. The gale heaved great ice sheets off Otter Creek Reservoir, causing them to hammer into the shorelines like a microcosm of plate tectonics.

Friday brought a big snowstorm, and portions of our drive down to Otter Creek were on unplowed snowpack. When we arrived Saturday about 11:00 AM, the air temperature was 22° F and ice was clogging our rod guides. As the storm broke, blue sky began peeking through the clouds.

In between chipping ice off our rods and blowing on our blue fingers, we caught what we had come for: The rainbows of not-quite-Spring.

Occasionally Otter will yield up a steelhead-like fish from the deep. Cody landed a brute in the early going that turned out to be among the nicest fish of the trip.

After 6 hours of remaining half submerged in 37° water and losing all sensation below the duodenum, we sought refuge at the Butch Cassidy’s Hideout in Circleville. Oh what a brownie sundae they weave when first you practice nubbins to freeze.

All that is necessary for the triumph of anorexia is for good men to eat nothing.

For the rest of the story, make sure to check out JayMorr’s blog. He doubled over his 5-weight on some girthy ‘bows and provided great stories and company on the trip. Cheers mate!

Thanks for circling back around!


  1. Another trip filled with great times and awesome photography! I love your work. Each time you post I am blown away. Great stuff as always man.

  2. Looks like a killer trip! Good stuff man!

  3. I saw some of these pictures on another blog that I follow. those are some huge fish. Awesome stuff. loved the post.