Monday, March 2, 2009

Some Dude's Fly Rod

In Robert Frost’s poem The Wood Pile he describes how lifeless logs attempt to warm a frozen swamp as best they can with “the slow, smokeless burning of decay.” This phrase aptly describes a stillwater flyfisherman in the icy clutches of Utah’s winter, exerting the full force of one’s will power in the hope that it will somehow influence the hard water to retreat.

This year it must have worked, because Piute Reservoir began the ice-off process during the third week of February and was completely ice-free by the 25th. It was my hope that nearby Otter Creek Reservoir was also sporting some soft water because it lies at the same elevation some 15 miles away and is among my favorite spring fisheries. Either way, it was time to put fly to water.

Otter turned out to be locked up tighter than a dog that has gotten into the cheese curd with 12” of ice and solid edges! The lake was full of unrealized potential, just like this rustic Chevy across the street at the RV Park.

The town of Circleville is home to the Butch Cassidy’s Hideout Motel & Café. There are many who live in ignorance of the Circleville Classic Breakfast which is offered there for under $8. The meal stars a bone-in ham steak so voluminous that its half life in the digestive tract approaches that of Uranium 235 (703,800,000 years).

Piute is not a lint-flicker’s Mecca, having very little structure to concentrate trout populations. Fish tend to be sparsely distributed and the best tactic is to plane out across the lake in a herculean effort on the oars, stopping every several hundred yards to flail a cast in all directions. Still, it was FEBRUARY and there was open water. It was time to net the first soft water salmonids of the year.

In the end fishing was slow, and we netted 37 trout between the two of us in a full twelve hours on the water. The fish seemed to prefer leech patterns in red and black as a general rule, although a frontrunner for the biggest rainbow of the trip fell to a drifted chrionomid.

Days without a fishing incident: 0


  1. SICKY SICKY....I am bummed I did not go. Anyways, I am lovin your work. The new setup (wink wink) looks good on the images. Nice touch bro.

    Keep it up! Lets hit it hard this weekend.

  2. Very nice Thresh! I need to start getting out more.