Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fowl Intentions

If boredom ever sets in before dawn when temperatures hover around 15 degrees, I recommend finding a metal cylinder and clutching it with blue fingers to stave off the tedium.

Finding wild wood ducks in Utah is a little like looking for Manhattan-style chowder in Boston. This weekend I decided to scout a timber patch up North where I have seen a few previously, and asked JayMorr if he was interested in loss of feeling in his extremities.

It took a lot of patience but a few opportunities presented themselves. We found mallards in great supply, and got lenses on a few drake woodies.

Drake Woodie Headon

Wrong Hen!

Drake Wood Duck

Mallards, while common, are beautiful birds when you get a close look.

Drake Profile


Troubled Waters

Conditions were right for some nice reflections. I thought the tones in this hen mallard's plumage made for great contrast:


Check out Jay's Blog for more images, including some shots of a drake wood duck in flight.

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  1. Excellent post. I had a great time shooting with you. That 300mm F/2.8 is sweet! I wish I owned that lens ;)

    Lets get back at it soon.