Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wild Wings

If you've never tried to photograph waterfowl in flight it is likely that bliss, melodious laughter, and decadent high-living are far more common occurrences than facial spasms in daily life.

The objective this weekend was to capture a few airborne acrobatics. Execution is something of a symphony, requiring just-right lighting (not too much, not too little), planning, and a high degree of familiarity with your camera controls.

Even with all of the above, the likely result is still an Epic Fail. Still, once in a while, Ghostrider requests a fly-by.

Drake Flare


Hen Drop


Wings Extended

While keeping watch on the skies, don't forget to look down once in a while either. Marshes can produce outstanding reflections if you get low to the water and seek the right angles.

Hen Sunrise

Mirrored Drake


That's my swan song for the weekend. JayMorr rocked the D700 on the trip, so check his blog sometime soon for his newest uploads.

Swan Portrait

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  1. Fantastic! Wow, we walked away with some great images. The past couple of weeks have presented opportunities that I never thought I would get on camera this year. It was absolutely awesome shooting with you today! Nice work and beautiful images. Let's get out again SOON!
    PS. You must have bookmarked "Custom Menu Screen 17"! ;)